Review policy

On this blog, you’ll find quite a few reviews and thinking of how complicated it sometimes can get with individuel reviews, I’d thought this might be of some help.

My rating system

I use the 5-star rating system, simply for the reason that this is the system used on Goodreads. Not only can you find there on first hand how I rated a book, but I used to only write reviews there, so I don’t wanna change that.

5 stars – I loved this book. It was amazing. Definitely a new favorite. Might re-read sometime.

4 stars – I liked this book, it was good. There were some parts which had their flaws but overall it’s a great book.

3 stars – the book was okay, I liked it. However, it had some flaws I can’t ignore. Not really a favorite.

2 stars – I didn’t like the book. It didn’t catch me, there wasn’t anything I liked about it. Still have finished it.

1 star – I couldn’t finish the book. There was so much bothering me, that I needed to quit reading it.
What I review

  • Books that I read purely out of joy, curiosity and fun
  • Books that have been given me by authors in exchange for an honest review
  • Books that I’ve read because of its controversity and made me want to make my own opinion
  • Books that are on my university’s reading list

If you’re an author…

… and want me to read your book and write an honest review about it, don’t hesitate to contact me.

(The best way is here on my blog, or on Instagram via Direct Message!)

I’d love to read your book, but….

You need to be patient, because I have a huge TBR pile. Still, I’ll try my best to read books which are sent by authors first. 

If there’s a date you want me to publish the review or any other things which kinda have a deadline, please inform me right after contacting me. That’d make it easier for me to organize my reading plans.


I’d love to make fanart based on books. If there’s someone interested and wants some fanart included on my review blog post or on Instagram (with the book next to it), let me know! 
If there’s something which hasn’t be said, just ask me. Really! I tried my best to cut it short and still have some information in it. So ask me whatever you want to know, I’d love to give an answer.