Sisterhood of Travelling ACOMAF – UPDATE #1

Drumrolls please! ..... .... ....  64 PEOPLE ARE PARTICIPATING!!!! I repeat. 64!!! The ACOMAF copy will travel all around the world, we have so many people, so many countries, so many colors! I can't wait to finally ship it off! If you don't know what The Sisterhood of Travelling ACOMAF is, check my original post … Continue reading Sisterhood of Travelling ACOMAF – UPDATE #1


The sisterhood of travelling ACOMAF

GUYS THIS IS HAPPENING! AND I CANT FIND WORDS FOR HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!!!!! Welcome to the Court of Dreams! Our dream is to bring Sarah J Maas as much joy as she did to us. How? Let me tell you. This project is about us, fangirls, passing one copy of ACOMAF from one to … Continue reading The sisterhood of travelling ACOMAF