img_7403about me.

there’s not much to say, except that I’m a bookish person who doodles a lot and thought sharing my opinion would be a great oppurtunity to meet bookish soulmates.

Maybe I should give away some basics, though. So, my name’s Aleksandra, but people call me Ace. I live in Austria, I’m twenty. Also, I study Educational Science & Comparative Literature at University.

Oh, and just a general warning:




about this blog.

Mainly, bookish things are posted. Like reviews, tags, wrap-ups, tbr’s, etc. But since I’m also a kid of art, I will be sharing fanart & co. done by me.

And because books are more than just words in paper, I’ll try to write as many different posts, starting from bookish merch all over to bookish places.



img_7397about everything else.

This should be a happy place. I love the Bookish Community for many reasons and one is the kindness which is everywhere going around. That’s why this should be a safe place, where discussions do not become fights and only friends are made, not enemies.

So feel free to comment on my posts, talk to me, stalk me on other of my social media. I love making friends and I would love to know who your book boy/girlfriend is *wink*

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other things to know.

rating system

Thanks to Goodreads, I got used to the 5-star-system which I will also use on my blog.

5 stars


4 stars

I might be screaming, I’m surely fangirling. Great read.

3 stars

Good book, there have been a few things bothering me.

2 stars

An okay-read. Definitely not going to fangirl a bit over this.

1 star

Haven’t finished it because I didn’t like it.


review policy

I’ve realized this is necessary for so many reasons.

I’m not a professional book reviewer, I read books because I love reading and jumping into different stories. In case, someone wants to hear my opinion about a certain book, you can always e-mail me. This does not mean that I will actually read the book or review it. It’s a chance that I might find some time to do it.

My schedule is quite full, because beside of blogging and reading, I’m studying and working. That’s why I really need always to think about if there’s time for reading a book. However, if I want to read your book, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail. I only answer those I accept. (I am sorry) Every further detail can be dealt afterwards, like where to post my reviews and what kind of deadline is wanted.

I read YA, sometimes NA. Genres I adore are dystopia, fantasy, sci-fi, fairytale retellings, historical fiction, high fantasy, rarely contemporaries.