Sisterhood of Travelling ACOMAF – UPDATE #1

Drumrolls please!





I repeat.


The ACOMAF copy will travel all around the world, we have so many people, so many countries, so many colors! I can’t wait to finally ship it off!

If you don’t know what The Sisterhood of Travelling ACOMAF is, check my original post for it!

But first, here is some update considering the colors, the things you already might prepare and details!

The colors

I bought a set of 72 colored pencils which I will send along with the book. Beforehand I will write down which colors are who’s and the person who gets the book should use that color which is meant for them and can keep that pencil. forever. it’ll be yours. *wink*

I will post photos (using that cool slide function) on my Instagram where I will show you all the colors and you should comment the number you want! Be aware, blue, purple and and many shades of green are almost gone, so maybe focus on orange/brown/grey/red/pink/aqua? (click here for the post)

Inside of the book

I already have put inside of the book quite some sticky notes, so every participant gets a feeling of what is needed or wanted! For example, I snapped a photo of the map where I ask everyone to draw an arrow pointing at their court (to find out which court you are, there’s a playbuzz test which you can take!)

There are many many more sticky notes but I don’t want to show them because I feel like this could be a funny suprise for each participant! *giggles*

How long to keep the book

Since the number of participants is bigger than expected, I beg you to not have the book too long when you receive it! To be prepared, you could already write some notes on a sheet of paper, already draw something in preperation and have things,like letters for the Queen, Sarah J Maas, or bookmarks or prints or anything you want to add to the package, already before receiving the copy! In this way, we can pass the book faster from person to person, waiting won’t take that long and it’ll get to Sarah J. Maas sooner!

(also we’ll be collecting stamps or anything similiar which represent the ciry/country you come from, so maybe have that also prepared!)


This package will include a little suprise for every single one of you. I don’t want to say much because that’ll probably spoiler you, but you will find an envelope saying “Take one. It’s Yours”! I hope you’ll love the suprise!

Considering suprises and gifts! My inner circle has given me the idea, that we could gift each other! So in case you have something you want to give to someone, put it as well in an envelope where it either says that it’s for everyone and everyone should take one, or maybe it’s only a gift for the next person, then please write that person’s name on it.

Letters, gifts, prints, etc. for the Queen

You have a cool print of your artwork? You designed a bookmark? You have made some jewelry? And now you want to send it to SJM? OH MY DO IT! There are actual two options how you can do it!

  1. Either send it along with the package. If it’s a letter, you can write on the envelope ‘For Sarah J Maas, From (name, username, country)’.
  2. OR you can send it to me if it’s a bit bigger, heavier or whatever! I will make sure to send it along with the copy to SJM! (for my adress, ask me on Instagram via DM!)

You couldn’t participate, but still want to be a part of it? 

I might have an option for you, too. And this one doesn’t hurry at all. You can always send me digital file including letter/artwork/etc. to my e-mail adress ( , I will make sure to print it out and put it in the package!
If you do want to send an e-mail, please consider I can only accept three files/pages per person.

For example:
Person A writes a three-pages-long letter, but adds no more.
Person B writes a letter which is two pages long and adds a drawing (which is one page).
Person C add letter to SJM which is not longer than one page, and two drawings.
Be creative how you’ll make it, but I can only limit it to three pages per person (otherwise my printer will kill me and my whole family!)

NOW LET’S ORGANIZE THE LAST BIT OF IT AND IT’LL BE READY TO BE SHIPPED! *jumps up and down, up and down, up and down*



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