Review: ‘Ever The Hunted’ by Erin Summerill


  • Name: Ever The Hunted
  • Series: Clash Of Kingdoms #1
  • Author: Erin Summerill
  • Pages: 392 – Hardcover
  • Published December 27th 2016 by HMH Books for Young Readers

In the first book of the ‘Clash of Kingdoms’ series we follow Britta Flannery, who lives in Malam, and has no rights to her father’s land and inheritance after he got murdered. Being an outcast Britta finds one way to save herself from starving – by poaching. When she gets caught she has a choice: either die or bring the murderer of her father to the King. The murderer who is no one else than her childhood friend Cohen, her father’s former apprentice. Her only friend.

Britta agrees and hunts for the boy she once loved and who has broken her heart. But there is more to the story than she has thought. A strong power lingers in Britta, a power she has to learn to control, to understand.

Is Cohen the murderer of her father?
Why was she always an outcast?
Did her father tell her the truth?
What is she? And what power lingers inside of her?


The book i set in a land where two kingdoms, Shaerdan and Malam, are divided and are in war. Britta lives in Brentyn, Malam but is an outcast due to her mother being a Shaerdanian. Thus, why Britta also has no right to her father’s land in Malam. We follow Britta during her journey to find the murderer of her father, who has been the King’s bounty hunter, and on her journey we find out more about the lands of Malam and Shaerdan. The Shaedan’s are known for their Channelers, women who own power and magic, who would be killed in Malam for owning such a thing. The map you can find in the book helps to visualize the lands and Britta’s journey.

We meet lots of characters. Britta, Cohen, Captain Omar, Thomas, Leif, Enat and many more. The characters differ in personality from each other. Their actions are accompanied by emotions which makes them more real than you might think.

The history of the two kingdoms is well narrated because of Britta’s flashbacks and the conversations she has. As a reader you get quite fast an idea of why the two kingdoms are fighting each other, why there’s war and why they have built a wall in the first place.

The story line is fast-paced which means you could finish the book in one sitting if you had the energy to. Which I hadn’t. To me, it was too fast, the action scenes were too short and the dynamic between the characters happened way too unreal. I barely saw some real development there. It was like ‘I have to hate him’ to ‘I trust him with my life’ in two sentences. (Exaggerating here a bit though!) Sometimes it felt too forced and I would have wished for hundred pages more, just to let the story line and the relationship between the characters sink a bit, give it more of background story, and a bit more of development.

The characters themselves are different, well described, but I just didn’t feel for them. I liked Britta because she was a strong female character, but felt sometimes her decisions were dull and without a real reason. Cohen as his part could have been a really good character who I’d love to fangirl over, but his ‘screen time’ was too short, too fast, too unreasonable. At least for me. I liked the other characters, though I never developed any real feelings for them as I mostly do. Enat was probably the character which felt the most real and thus is why I loved her that much.

I had some issues, some hard time reading this book. I liked the idea behind the story, I liked the idea behind the relationship of characters, but I had a problem with Britta’s decisions as well as the development of the character’s relationships. It was the last three chapters which kept me hooked. Things were happening and finally fully described and the ending left me with many, many unanswered questions, which will definitely cause that I’ll get book two in December.

Over all, the characters were simple, but likeable, the action scenes could be richer in description, the magical part was described nicely and interesting, and the flashbacks were good.

A fast-paced, lighter read.

My rating: 3/5 stars




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