The sisterhood of travelling ACOMAF


Welcome to the Court of Dreams!

Our dream is to bring Sarah J Maas as much joy as she did to us.


Let me tell you.

This project is about us, fangirls, passing one copy of ACOMAF from one to another. What are we doing with the copy? We’ll put ALL OUR LOVE in it by scribbling notes inside, marking our favorite quotes, sketching scenes, drawing stuff, defacing the book, etc. It’s really up to anyone.

In the end, when every participant has got it, I’ll make sure to make a package, kinda like a book box, and send it to the queen herself.

So when she receives it, she can literally have her personal fangirl copy of ‘A Court Of Mist And Fury’. Maybe she’ll get as emotional as we did when reading this masterpiece (*fingers crossed*).

How it works!

(drumroll pleeeeeeeeeeaseeeeee)

  1. Each one of us has a certain pen color! For example, I’ll use a navy pencil to write my notes, mark my favorite quotes, and put some drawings inside of the book.
    In the end of the book, I’ll write my name, Instagram username and my country on it with the same pencil. So Sarah J Maas can track down which notes, drawings, are from who.
    To make sure no color or type of pen is used double, I’m having a list where I wrote down everything to keep track of it!
  2. You get the copy, you have it a week, put all your love in it, and send it to the next person (I’ll have a random list with names and adresses and will tell you which person will get it next).
  3. In case you want to add something else, like bookmarks, art prints, letters to the queen, candles, custom funkos etc, you can do so by putting it in an envelope, where your name, username and country is written on, and sending it with the copy away (no envelopes you receive, will be openend!!) or you can send it directly to me (so the weight won’t affect the costs for everyone who receives it and has to send it with the copy along) and I’ll make sure it’ll be in the bookbox SJM receives!!
  4. In the end, when the last participant of the list is done, the book will be sent back to me. I will make sure everything is in the box, and I’ll make a scan of the book and send to every participant a digital copy of our book, so we all have some memory to it.
    IN CASE someone visits SJM at signings by the time the book is finished, tell me. I can make sure the box will be sent to you, so you can bring it along! *happy dance*


You want to be a part of this? Tell me in the comments or find me on Instagram and Direct Message me there, since the whole planning is happening mostly on my Bookstagram! (CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR NAME IN MY INBOX YAAAAAY)

Share this project with every Feysand-Fan you know AND BE A PART OF IT! The more the better!!

Also, trusting my bookish community so much, I won’t need to tell you to be fair, leave enough space for other people to scribble and draw and to make sure to send the copy after a week to the next person. But here I am, saying this, because I’m so excited I’ll pee in my pants and I really want this to work out!

*happy dance again* *trying not to pee in my pants* *shaking like a chihuaha*




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