Review ‘A Court Of Thorns and Roses’ by Sarah J Maas


A Court Of Thorns and Roses

When I first heard about this book I knew I had to get it. Faeries? Huntress? Handsome guys? I’m always all in for that. However it was the fact that it was a loosely retelling of Beauty and The Beast that made me want to have it so badly. The reason why I’ve read it so late is simple, I bought it but had like 5265298465 other books on my TBR which I had to focus first and like it always happens with a massive TBR, you forget about one book. And in this case, I totally forgot about ACOTAR.

I’m glad I picked it up though. (Thanks to my Bookstagram friends, who made me do it. LOVE YOU!) Especially since book three and thus the final book will be released in less than a month.

Nineteen-year-old Feyre hunts to make sure her family survives. When she kills a wolf in the woods, a beast arrives at her doorstep to demand retribution for the death of his friend. Feyre needs to pass the wall which seperates the mortal world from the world of faeries and go to the lands of Prythian, where no normal mortal surives.

When she arrives at the mansion of the beast, she finds out that her captor is not a hideous beast but a High Lord named Tamlin, who is one of the deadly faeries that used to rule her world. During her time at the mansion, her feelings toward Tamlin and the faeries change: she becomes feelings for Tamlin and realizes that not all the words said about faeries are true. But her love for the High Lord cannot survive, because a wicked shadow, a curse dwells upon the faerie lands and Feyre needs to find a way to safe Tamlin and thus the love they have.


The book starts fast-paced, it is packed with information about the faerie world without making you all dizzy. Sarah J Maas’ writing style is so natural and great, you feel like you’re in the book, experiencing the whole plot next to Feyre as an invisible character.

The world set in this book is well thought-out. Sarah J Maas describes the mortal lands which are seperated through an invisible wall from the way bigger faerie land Prythian so well, you wouldn’t need a map. Gladly, readers still get one. (And don’t we love mapped books?)

When Feyre gets dragged to Prythian, I already had a feeling that most prejudices are wrong or lies, but still we felt with the protagonist who got carried away from her family. A thing that Maas did wonderful in general was creating all the characters we meet during the story. Starting with Feyre who is the female lead. Of course, as it is with probably all female heroines, Feyre is strong and knows how to survive. With small disadvantages, like being an illiterate or the only child who had no proper education, she is not quite perfect and that’s something that makes her more honest and true. Feyre’s family, especially her sisters are two characters who differ quite a lot from Feyre (not their looks though) and makes the whole family dynamic, including her father who lost all hope, so interesting and real. With Tamlin and the people who live at his mansion, Maas did a great job on how the readers meet them, together with Feyre. There are not too many characters and not too many names we need to remember, also the relationships are simple and not too forced between characters.

This also counts for the relationship which was going on between Tamlin and Feyre. The transformation from hate to passion was so neatly done that no one needs to be afraid of it. Because honestly I was. You can do so much wrong with Retellings and the relationship in Beauty & The Beast is quite a hard thing to imitate because it could feel too forced, too rushed, too fake. Not a problem for Sarah J Maas, though. As a reader I was able to feel with Feyre, to fall in love with Feyre and Tamlin and the world of the Court. Sarah J Maas really proved that she knows how long real people need to change feelings.

All in one, it was an amazing read. I loved the way Maas described the world, it felt so natural and well placed in the scenes. It didn’t feel like ‘Oh let’s put in how that tree looks like because my readers don’t know a thing about this world’. Everything was just well thought and well planned. The characters were amazingly created, I never had the feeling that one wasn’t real enough to actually be a person.

Also with all the other characters that will be introduced later on in the story, like Rhysand, Amarantha and so on. Excellent work!

I’m recommending this book to everyone out there. No exceptions! You love Beauty & The Beast? READ IT! You love high fantasy? READ IT! You love mystical worlds and magic? READ IT! You love female characters you can relate to? READ IT! You love real and honest characters and great world-building? READ IT! You love romance? READ IT? You love plot twists? READ IT! Seriously. Just READ IT! Because all the hype is totally worth it.

my rating: 5/5 stars


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