Bookish places: Blackfriars Bridge

I shall see you on Blackfriars Bridge, Tessa.

Photo: mine – Blackfriars Bridge 12/29/2016

A person who hasn’t read The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare, will probably visit one bridge during a vacation in London. And that bridge would probably be the Tower Bridge. However, a person who has read The Infernal Devices series, will head for another bridge while their stay in London. And that one will be the Blackfriars Bridge. 

I might have visited both bridges, but the first one I needed to see was the bridge, where Tessa Gray and Jem Carstairs had their annual meeting, which is the Blackfriars bridge. 

Photo: mine – on the Blackfriars bridge 12/29/2016

When we read we are allowed to escape to different places, worlds and time periods. And sometimes some places are not that fictional as you might think. Of course it was a highlight during my stay in London to go to the Blackfriars Bridge, to see it and imagine Tessa and Jem staying on the same spot, talking. There’s something peaceful about bookish places. Like, you’re able to connect with character who only exists between the pages of books. Like, there might be a chance that maybe maybe there was someone like Tessa and Jem who have met on that bridge to see each other. Who knows? I’d love to believe that. 

Photo: mine. Me walking & imagining on the Blackfriars bridge 12/29/16

During my short walk on the Blackfriars Bridge, I was able to feel something. To fangirl a bit. (To have my boyfriend next to me was a great plus, because it felt like I needed to share this moment with my precious someone.) 

Photo: mine. The note I left on the railing 12/29/16

I was sad not to see a note, though. If you’ve been on social media for a while, you might have seen photos of sheets of paper hang up on the railing of the bridge. And I really wanted to see one as well as my friend did when he was visiting London. So, my boyfriend had the idea I should be the one who’s turn is it now to put one on the railing. And I did. It was freezing and my hands were shaking, so excuse me for that bad handwriting.

Photo: mine – Me at the Blackfriars’ underground station 12/29/16

It was definitely a great experience to finally be in the same place as one of your favorite characters. I love The Infernal Devices trilogy and always dreamt of going to the Blackfriars Bridge. And finally that day had came. I was really happy. 

Have you been to the Blackfriars Bridge? Or any other bookish places? How have you felt being on the same spot as the characters you’ve read of? Tell me in the comments below.

xo, Ace

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